Estate Planning

This tax affects people who have struggled all their lives to be successful investors and entrepreneurs (i.e. they have money). The total value of a business, Southern California residence, a IRA rollover account and investments can easily eclipse the lifetime exclusion amount. Although the lifetime exclusion is now $1,000,000 – even folks who live modestly have accumulated many times this amount in assets.

The Estate Tax starts with a 37% tax rate, and quickly exceeds 50%. Let help prevent the government from confiscating the wealth you spent a lifetime to accumulate.

Estate Planning Strategies can reduce or eliminate this tax. The estate tax is the only tax that is truly optional. And can tailor a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced asset management.
  • Relief!  Things happen according to YOUR wishes.
  • No more blah blah blah from your accountant.

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